Serial is the first podcast I have ever listened to, and I have to admit I absolutely loved it. Podcasts are unlike any other media I have used before. Unlike television, podcasts don’t have any visuals, therefore, the narration in these stories are crucial to keep listeners interested and intrigued. Podcasts have lots of descriptive language that gives you such a detailed visual image as you are listening. After listening to episode 1, I am more than excited to see whats next in episode 2 of Serial. I would have to say If I had to pick between reading a book and listening to a podcast I would have to choose a podcast. I find listening to story telling much more exciting than reading it to yourself silently. I like having a different perspective when reading a controversial story. However, one downfall with podcasts I find is that it’s hard to go back to a previous part if you were to miss it when reading a book goes at your own pace and is much easier to go back.

I think the whole premise of Serial is really interesting. The fact that Serial presents investigative journalism makes it a perfect theme for any podcast story. Murder mystery stories can be so complex and exciting which makes for a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I think that in order for people to stay interested in an audio story for an hour it has to be a story to remember. Mysteries give you that sense of wanting to know what happens next and keeps you interested in the story being told. Another important element of podcast narration is the fact the story is told so informally, as if they were talking to you in person and the events were really happening. It is a much more effective style than being formal and making it sound like you are just reading words on a paper.


Serial took real life murder mystery stories and turned them into an interesting podcast series that has become the most popular podcast series in society. The question is, how does this make the families of the victims feel? I think that having a tragic event happen to someone you loved would be hard to re-live having it on Serial. On the other hand, many of the stories are taken from cases quite a few years ago. The first episode was from 1999 which is close to 18 years ago. This case was also dragged on for many years with lots of controversy, so to conclude, I think that the families of these victims were used to the attention about the tragedy. Serial podcasts aren’t the first time these families have heard about the tragic cases, it has been going on for years and has been re opened.

Throughout episode 1 of Serial, you hear narrator Sarah Koenig’s constant struggle with the evicted Adnan Syed about the challenge of memory often throughout the story. After being interviewed years later about that one day, Adnan had a really hard time remembering what happened on that day exactly and the timing of all the events. Adnan just thought of that day like it was any ordinary day for a teenager, and had no memory of anything out of the blue happening. I think if I were in the same place as Adnan I probably wouldn’t remember details of one random school day as a teenager. I can’t remember exactly what I did and where I was everyday of my life, it’s just not possible. However, in Adnan’s case, not remembering what happened that day makes his story sound a lot more sketchy and unreliable throughout the rest of the podcast.

Murder Mystery. Digital image. Web. 7 Oct. 2016.





One thought on “Serial

  1. I agree, I really enjoyed listening to the podcast as well. It is much better than reading a book and I feel like hearing the people speak gives you a whole different experience than just reading their thoughts. I had the same problem when it came to going back to hear something again or find something that I heard a couple minutes earlier. I also believe that keeping it informal made the story easier to understand and allowed me to want to keep listening. My only concern is how bias the narrator is towards Adnan’s innocence, I think if she were a little more impartial the story would be much better, would you agree?


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