Remix’s in Music

After watching this video, it brought to my attention the music that many famous and well known artist use is actually a remix of other artists work or baseline. Many artists tend to use a similar baseline that is catchy and combine it into their own version of a song. In this video, It talks about how originally remixes started when a band called the Sugarhill Gang started to remix their songs based of the work of a band called Chic. They used sampling from the original recordings from Chic and used it as their own, in a different variation. Although in the song Good Times by the Chic band it uses a similar base riff, I don’t think that is it an exact copy of the Sugarhill Gang’s original song Rapper’s Delight. They both do use a similar baseline, however the tone is completely different. Chic is obviously a more feminine tone and is an upbeat pop song, when Sugarhill Gang is clearly producing a rap song, with a heavier sound to it’s baseline.


I think that overall, the Chic band used their feminine tone and more pop style to hide the fact that the baseline is very similar in these two songs. I believe that these songs tones and meanings are completely different which makes it seem as though the song is an original rather than a copyright. Furthermore, the I found the tone in Good Times much more upbeat and a bit more vocals, when Rapper’s Delight seemed to have a heavier tone and the song focused more on the tune and music rather than the rapping vocals.

Within the video it talks a lot about the different types of remixes within society. Ultimately, remixing is everywhere and anybody can do it. It is apart of our everyday lives and basically everything now a days is either a combination or a recreation of an original piece. This is why I think it is hard to really prove what is truly “original” or what is a copyright due to the amount of recreations in society.

In conclusion, I think that creators should avoid using the complete same tone as the original to avoid ripping someone off. I also think that creators should try and change the type of genre from the original. For example, in music, I believe that if you are going to use a similar baseline from an original rap song, the remix shouldn’t also be a rap song. Overall, I think that these are key components that re- creators need to take into consideration when making a combination of their own.














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