Could it Just Be a Case of Bad Luck?

After listening to the final episode of the Serial podcast, I was left with a very unsure idea of the end result of this case. The narrator, Sarah Koenig, ultimately believes Adnan Syed is innocent and throughout the case is trying to prove this. However, I find it hard to believe that Adnan can be completely innocent due to all these unanswered questions and stories that just don’t seem to add up in the end result but I don’t believe that Adnan is completely to blame for this murder. I researched different sources that gave me a clearer view if Syed is really innocent or he truly is guilty.

The first article I found was a mainstream article from the New York Times titled, “Adnan Syed, of ‘Serial’ Podcast, Gets a Retrial in Murder Case”. After reading this article, I learned that over 16 years later the judge had finally granted for a retrial due to the fact Serial had become so popular and that Adnan is shown to be more innocent rather than guilty in these episodes. The trial was also granted another take because in the original case the cell tower was used as a key piece of evidence however the judge has ruled the cell tower unreliable evidence and will not be included in this retrial. As well, the defense has a new alibi statement for the new case. I think that the fact that over 16 years later lawyers are still fighting the court for Syed’s innocence’s, leads me to believe that maybe Adnan was being framed for this murder and he has a lot of supporters that believe of his innocence.


The second article I found is an opinion article from The Guardian titled, “Adnan Syed is innocent. Now find Hae Min Lee’s real killer”. After reading this article it explained how Adnan’s original conviction was based off of two things. Firstly, a state witness, Jay Wilds, who testified to having helped him bury the body, and Adnan’s cellphone records that had tracked Adnan’s movements on January 13th, 1999, the day that Hae Min Lee was murdered and showed that his location that day was where the body was found. The problem is, Wilds changed his story during the investigation and trial many times changing the time period in which the two of them supposedly buried the body. As well, the attorney found that incoming call information was not reliable for location of the phone. Therefore, the location of Adnan’s phone could not be properly determined as evidence proving his guilt. This article also gives me reason to be on Syed’s side of the case, ultimately because the evidence against him is not strong enough to prove him guilty otherwise. As well, Jay Wild, who is the one accusing Adnan for murder story and information does not fit together with the evidence and time frames found by investigators.


After reviewing these different I have to agree with narrator Koenig that Adnan is most likely innocent and just had bad luck with this situation. From listening to this podcast and reading these articles I’ve come to the conclusion that Adnan is not capable of being a murderer.  Most of the evidence against Adnan is unreliable and ultimately I don’t believe gives a strong enough case that Adnan is guilty.




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Engel Bromwich, Jonah, and Liam Stack. “Adnan Syed, of ‘Serial’ Podcast, Gets a Retrial in Murder Case.” The New York Times. N.p., 30 June 2016. Web. 4 Nov. 2016.


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