Putting it All Together!

Unknown-1.jpegFor my final portfolio I have decided to choose a persuasive essay as my final writing assignment for my CCT. After reading Three Day Road, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to really connect to this book is through a persuasive eye. I think this could be because the story is told in the perspective of the main character, and it gives his perspective on the events that happen throughout his journey. I think that a persuasive essay will also allow me to connect with the characters point of view, as well really be able to communicate what I’ve learned from reading this novel by persuading readers what I’ve taken out of reading this novel. I also think a persuasive essay gives me the freedom to convince readers what I really thought of the storyline and maybe what could have changed throughout this novel. I want to be able to incorporate lots of emotion as well into this essay because I think that emotion was a very key component of Three Day Road that I thought the author did a great job of catering too.  A persuasive essay would allow me to incorporate emotion into this type of essay which I think is very important in a good written piece.

I would also like to include a blog post within my final portfolio. I think that a blog post is a great way for me to be able to connect with readers from my personal opinion, and give my representation of the novel I read this semester. I think that having an informal type of media source along with formal just gives another view to readers, and ultimately I believe it gives more insight about the storyline and really deep connection to the characters in the book. I also think a blog post is a great idea for communicating my ideas because I am able to get feedback from peers after they have read my work.  I enjoy the fact that anyone is able to give a response to your writing and everyone is able to have a say, I think this helps me learn and gives me the point of view of what others might have thought about this novel.

The final two media sources I would like to include in my final portfolio is a webpage and a concept map. I think that both of these sources will be very important in communicating what I’ve learned from reading this novel as well as what I took from it. I think that a concept map will help readers understand the storyline much more clearly because they will have that visual. In my personal opinion I learn very well from visuals and I am able to absorb lots of information with the use of symbols, pictures and key phrases in front of me. I also think that it will help connect some of the events that happen throughout the book as well as characters that have some type of connection in the story. It is a quick and efficient way to communicate what the novel is all about and the key important terms connecting each event. Finally, I believe a webpage is a key component for my final portfolio because it will include all different types of media such as videos, images and texts to communicate the story of the Three Day Road. I think that this variety is a very interesting and exciting way to learn about the novel I’ve written and is something that personally I would love to read and explore for others.

Throughout this semester I think I have become a much more descriptive writer as well as because able to connect to the text much more in depth. I’ve learned how to incorporate terms such as ethos, pathos and logos in my writing which I believe has really matured me into a successful writer. I think challenges that I will face from choosing these media sources is the fact that I’ve never actually made a webpage before and it is something that is extremely new to me. So in that case, I’m going to have to take some extra time in the planning for this media text and taking the time to learn how to develop an affective webpage that is interesting.

Overall, I’m excited to finally put together all of my thoughts from Three Day Road into this final portfolio!


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